The Best Fitness App, with Real Fitness Trainers

Muscle Builder is an app with a Personal Trainer at the other end. It can create a personal workout around your lifestyle, or it can improve any existing workout routine you already have.

We keep you concentrated on the important stuff, motivation, achievable exercise goals and daily coaching if necessary, all from your the mobile app

What People Are Saying

" Virtual Muscle Builder is really good... easy to use.
Nice graphics to show how each work out needs to be done..
one word, its effective. "

" Has everything you need workouts, calendars, finding gyms and even trainer chat! "

" I love this app!
Workout Calendar tracks recovery was a great addition in this app.
It helps me to prevent over training that might be harmful for my body. "

" Good stuff try this out.
My husband was not happy with his fat body.
So i suggested him to follow the exercise workouts in this app.
Now he has a sexy body. I am so happy in his success. "